ForePack FAQ

What is ForePack?

ForePack is a detachable golf bag accessory. The first of it’s kind, ForePack takes four separate golf components and integrates them into one unified pack. ForePack is a hydration system, mobile charger, protective rain cover, and storage unit that seamlessly integrates with any golf stand bag.


How much does ForePack cost?

ForePack with the portable power bank retails for $114.99. ForePack without the portable power bank retails for $89.99.

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What is ForePack made of?

ForePack is made of military grade ballistic nylon and polyester.

Does ForePack work with any stand bag?

Yes, ForePack is designed to work with any golf stand bag.

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What are the dimensions of ForePack?

ForePack central unit: 13”(L)  x  7”(W)  x  2”(D). 

ForePack hydration bladder & bladder pouch: 13”(L)  x  7 1/2”(W)

How much does ForePack weigh?

When the hydration bladder is empty, ForePack weighs 1.6 pounds. When the hydration bladder is full, ForePack weighs 6 pounds.

Does ForePack work with a push/pull cart?

Yes, ForePack work’s seamlessly with push and pull carts. You’ll set the unit up on your golf bag in the traditional fashion but instead of attaching the hydration hose to the shoulder strap of the golf bag, you’ll attach it to the upper frame handle of the push or pull cart.

How much liquid does the hydration bladder hold?

ForePack’s hydration bladder holds up to 1.8 liters of liquid.

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Why is your hydration hose so much longer than traditional hydration hoses?

ForePack’s hydration system is specifically designed to integrate with a golf bag.

The hydration bladder is stored in any suitable pocket on the golf bag and in most cases these pockets are located near the bottom of the bag. The hydration hose must be able to span the distance between a users shoulder (where the bite valve rests) and the pocket where the hydration bladder is stored.

The same goes for integration with a push or pull cart. The hydration hose needs to be long enough to span the distance between the pocket where the bladder is stored and the location where the user access the liquid (the bite valve).

How do you prevent liquid from running back down the hydration hose and into the bladder?

ForePack’s high flow bite valve self seals after every sip. This tight seal prevents the liquid from draining back into the bladder.

Is ForePack insulated? How do you keep the water cold on hot summer days?

Both the hydration hose sheath and hydration bladder pouch are internally lined with Temptrol® – a patented polypropylene based heat reflective barrier. Temptrol is a radiant barrier that reflects 95% of radiant heat back toward the source.

By lining the unit with Temptrol we keep the heat out and the cool in.

Is the hydration bladder anti-microbial?

ForePack’s hydration bladder is made from a naturally anti-microbial material that fights a variety of gram+ and gram- microbes as well as mold and fungus. The proprietary plastic polymer was originally developed for medical use. Our unique formula means zero plastic taste or smell and super tough construction for maximum abrasion resistance.

Can I put sugary/flavored beverages in the hydration bladder?

Yes. However, it’s important that the bladder and it’s components are thoroughly cleaned immediately after use to avoid tainting or contaminating the hydration system with mold and bacteria.

How does the mobile charger work?

All ForePack’s come with a “Power Pocket” that stores a mobile charger. This pocket is accessed on the back of the central ForePack unit. A small opening at the top of the pocket allows the USB charging cable to exit the pocket and plug into the user mobile device. The mobile device is then stored in a storage pocket on the front of the central ForePack unit.

The Power Pocket is located in an ideal location on the central ForePack unit. It sits in between the ForePack and the golf bag providing optimal protection from moisture and physical damage.

What if I don't want a mobile charger?

ForePack can be used with or without a mobile charger. This component is optional. However, all ForePacks come with a Power Pocket. If a user decides not to incorporate a mobile charger, then the Power Pocket can be used for general storage.

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